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Collecting Awards & MORE! ;D

Posted on April 22nd, 2012 by

I need to sit back and enjoy my life at this moment. Yet, I have so much lemons [projects] these days, so I am making sherbet out of them 😛 Oh, my deadlines are really close, so if I don’t do anything I will turn into the dead line..So, within these 4 weeks, of course, I had experienced various emotions full of lights and darks! So I am gonna refresh my memories!

Chancellor’s Award. Yay! So on April 4th, I went to Empire State Plaza Convention Center at Albany with my host father, advisor/mentor/ instructor, my internship supervisor and my dear friend 😀 I think it was one of those days, when I was super excited at the same time hyper anxious! I think that was one of my “once in a life time experiences” that I get regularly hahahah 😀 It was a bit intimidating, because I was in a completely new environment! I had to sign in at first; the SUNY was making a video where student’s supposed to continue the phrase “ I am the Power of SUNY because ….” and come up with our own. SO it took me a while to think of it. I really had several options that I come up in the shower XD  i e the best place for my idea generation process heheh I guess many people do that. Water is so relaxing that I forget about worries and just start thinking about the GOOD, any kind of it, and GOOD is usually brings new ideas.  Anyways, so this is what I wrote “I am the Power of SUNY because I am curious and willing to explore vast opportunities beyond my comfort zone” Well, I thought I should write something that really describes me: yea I am crazy and really curious and I take advantage of every opportunity, because I believe there is always a hidden stash of good waiting for me 😀 I want to believe so, so I do hahaha I love my life, even though sometimes it gets moody, but who does not have that? It’s just the thing: I dig in my head and create my own monsters, so when I choose not to do so, they just dissolve in the air 😀  My advisor took a picture of me holding that paper where I wrote my lines. That pic is just so funny! I love it 😀


So well we were waiting in a huge room for a while when students got their lines recorded, but then we were told that we are running late and we have to get to the small orientation part about how we gonna walk on the stage to get our medal and recognition letter. Well, instructions were helpful, BUT a little misleading hehehe because we were told to shake Chancellor’s hand and then our college representatives and then go back to chancellor and get our medal and then our picture will be taken, and then we just walk back to our sits. What happened in reality though,, xD hahaha let me describe 😀 Because the college representative stands closer to the recipients naturally we had to shake his/her hand first and then Chancellor’s and then get to the medal. Well, many of us messed up because the instructions and the flow of the reality did not match exactly. Life Lesson #n: don’t be afraid of improvisation! So I ended up HUGGING my college representative xD I know very bizarre! Well anyways I had fun on the stage ( it’s like 2 minute thing) but to get there we almost waited for like hour or more, and because it was going in an alphabetical order my college’s name is SUNY Ulster ( so just imagine the placement of U in the alphabet :P) Yes, I was in the last group of students. Anyways, after the orientation we went to that huge auditorium where our guests were. SO the audience applauded all of us, and the fun part for me was when we started to walk towards the stage, I passed near my guests who took their time and joined me to celebrate this event. They waved me with such an enthusiasm  and support that made me so happy! It worth to walk on the stage because I knew that I am not alone there, and that people who are really important to me are among the audience and supporting me with huge sincerity and smile. I just can’t thank them enough! Bottom line is I really enjoyed after the ceremony part! I got to talk to my guests and went to do the videotaping part, and guess what! My favorite part: WE TOOK TONS OF PICS! 😀 YES!!!! Now I have LOTS of good memories! Woohoo! So all that posing, ended up of course online 😛 hahaha
So here ‘s the official  SUNY post of my photo with the Chancellor and my college representative 😀  You can see other recipients as well.. many of us in the pics, but we are the few statewide, just saying 😛
Also, I made my college’s online announcements, here & here.  Kind of very happy with that 😛 Who would not ? Me. xD I know I always have mixed feelings about this, but it’s a good thing I know 😀

Mentor & Mentee ! That round thing is a medal 😀

Here’s are the rest of the images from the ceremony itself, thanks to my host father & my mentor  I have pictures 😀Also, my Instructor, Advisor & Mentor [shortly IAM, my new abbreviation for it so I don’t have to write long words again! It’s America, everything is abbreviated! This is really one of my observations, when I start listening to conversations it’s like people speaking a language and words that I have never heard about… just because almost everything is abbreviated!!!] sent out email to college staff and faculty, I think, because of that now some of my instructors and staff congratulates me when they see me in the hallways! yay! 😀 It’s very sweet, how people happy for some other person’s good life experience. So I think my SUNY Ulster family is happy for me 🙂 I am happy to make them feel a bit proud. They have been very helpful and supportive during these years!
FYI Just to clarify, I have another mentor from the college’s SUMS program who was really helpful with my application process. It’s like he was assigned to me by the program as a graphic design mentor, but our experience went to a new direction such as English Language  😀 How sweet! I need that a lot! One more thing: I was selected to be a recipient for President’s Awards for Excellence in Student Leadership in 2012 at my college .. the ceremony is on Apr 25th Wednesday, hope to post some pics  soon 😛

Colleges where I ‘ve applied
Cooper Union. SO it said “no”, unfortunately. It’s kind of broke my heart, because I know that’s the place for me, but I will apply next year perhaps, never giving up!
Still I am waiting from the RISD and SUNY New Paltz results. New Paltz accepted my portfolio, but I have to wait for admissions decision. I must mention something:  my RISD admissions personnel who helped me with the submissions and paperwork, was the best. I swear I never seen such a helpful and relaxed admissions staff member, who does not SCARE the perspective student! I just enjoyed our email correspondence so much. Just wanted to say that what I hear about RISD usually students complain that they are not helpful and stuff, so my experience happens to be the opposite. Just saying!!! Let’s see what’s gonna happen!

SLATE. OMG, speedy mode in designing the magazine! Slate turned into my nightmare that I can’t live with and without! It must be done by the end of the week [ as I say usually], so I had to take on the content, and redo some stuff, because the writing credits were messed up. Ugh. I hate doings things over, but I usually end up doing so. So the other designers are doing the covers. I really hope that we gonna have covers that are designed by the designers, but not the artwork itself. Let’s see what’s gonna happen! I am excited about it 😀 and I feel tired of course, it’s a lot of work, I had to ask my supervisor at the internship to let me work on that project for this week. He’s very nice, he said SURE! So I got hours from there, and from my gallery work, it’s pretty neat. I am not sleeping almost and designing, but my eyes hurt so much right now, I am gonna go and give them some rest now.

HMW. I have like a lot of sculptures to finish, and to make. A paper to write. Several presentations, and some cool drawings to make. My life is so much enjoyable that I could ever imagine!! 

What else has happened ? A new Inspiration appeared and was gone shortly xD
What’s next ? I gotta get some rest and get back to my designs!  I swear right now, there are 1 magazine, 1 newspaper, 1 booklet is waiting to be done for tomorrow 😀 Aren’t I lucky ? Indeed!!!


Written by

Welcome to my blog! I am Gülnar, an international student from Azerbaijan Republic. I am currently studying at SUNY Ulster where I obtained my A.A. in Fine Arts degree during the Fall 2011. Right now I am working on my A.S. in Advertising Design and Graphic Technologies degree. I plan to obtain my BFA and MFA. In fact I am a graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages ( BA in American Studies), but at some point in my life everything has changed, and my career path as well. I am an artist/graphic designer/photographer. I live in upstate NY with my American family for the duration of my studies. I have many "likes & dislikes", so I am not going to count up all that in here :D, read my blog and you will see. I’ve chosen to keep this blog as I enjoy writing (yes, even in ENGLISH) besides art and sharing my observation & experience. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do while writing it. Thank You!

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3 Responses to “Collecting Awards & MORE! ;D”

  1. agenzia moda e spettacolo roma Says:

    sito molto interessante… continuate così e vi seguirò di sicuro!

  2. Us education consultants Says:

    This is Awesome story. It’s Exuberant feeling for the student being the part of getting awards.I think from your story student will inspire with this and they will proceed their carrier from studying in USA.

  3. daniel Says:

    Wow, great post. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures.

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