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Fall 2012!

Posted on September 23rd, 2012 by

feels good!

Wow. Being back feels good! Summer was restless and tiring for me, as usually! I had to work at the college as I did all my summers in the States, and I was living in my friend’s apartment while he was away, and watching his cat and fish with another good friend of mine. However, I had a situation with my own new place that I rented before I went to my friend’s apartment. The situation was very disturbing and disgusting, so I could not stay there one more second. I ended up going back to my host parents place, but this time as a tenant! They were so nice to accept me back and allow me to rent my new old room 😀 I was thrilled! Well, you can’t amputate generosity from kind people. So they are as nice as they were the first day I met them! Thank goodness, I got a place to stay again, meanwhile I am looking for my own place, because soon I am applying for OPT before I go back for my BFA, and I really hope it will work out for me! I can’t wait to start working outside of college as a professional graphic designer or artist! We will see! Good luck to me!! I am very excited! I dream about NYC!!! The heart of Art and Design!

Well as it’s my last semester I am allowed to be a part time student by law, otherwise we all have to be full time. I have three classes + some extra things!

I love my Principles of Advertising class. It’s one of those best classes offered at my college. My instructor is amazing! I just love when instructors are so engaged in what they are teaching, and  she is so much motivating that one can’t just sit there and  not be involved in class! This class is very much helpful for me, because I am a practical learner, so the project is designed  in a way that it  involves real clients, and we  students as a group must come up with a marketing and advertising solution for the clients problems! I enjoy this class a lot!

I have and Independent Study Web Design class. This class is very tough class; it’s very broad, and as a crazy student I want to know all at once.. well practically it’s very hard to implement! I am studying online by watching tutorials about web fundamentals, web development, what is behind the web design, and most importantly the software!  Anyways, this class requires a lot of effort, time and focus. I meet with my instructor regularly to report my improvement and get advice, and then we schedule some projects due to bring in. So I am on it! I am gonna design my best web portfolio website! I think that’s what I aim for! I will definitely share when it will be done!  You know what is inspiring? We humans all have the potential to learn anything we want,  the only thing thought for me if I have zero interest in matter, I will learn nothing even if I spent hours and hours studying it. Well luckily I am so interested in this field so I will do my very best! I will! I promised myself! I like keeping my promises..

Videography and Editing class is one of those classes that I decided to take because as a graphic designer I believe I have to have basic understanding of video-making. You never know when somebody will hand you a camera and send you to shoot something! Heheheh as a matter of fact it happened to me just today! So I think I am on a right track. However, I think this kind of classes can’t be thought, or my instructor doing it wrong. Well, I know I will end up learning everything on my own, because from class demos I practically get nothing. I don’t find them helpful at all, but this applies only to software learning. I learn software on my own better than when teacher explains. So as usually 95% percent of class load on me 😀 Good luck to me once again!!!

My Woodstock School of Art SUNY Ulster Merit Scholarship allows me to take a Sculpture class in WSA studios. Once a week I make a long trip to that art school and then I  just enjoy my Sculpture class. It’s one of the best things that happened to me! I love my class, my instructors there and my classmates! Very fun company and cool studios! I might even restart my Printmaking class starting from November, because that is a Saturday class, so I am considering it. The only hardship though is the transportation. I take two buses to get to town where the school is and then I walk around 1.5 miles from the bus station to school. Of course my classmates, offered to pick me up from the bus stop, but I think it’s still nice outside for walk, but when winter comes I told them  I will definitely be happy if anybody picks me up from the bus stop.

Visual Arts Club I am still running it for my last semester. I really hope that my friend or somebody else will take over it and it will continue to be an active club on campus. We had our first meeting, and we currently have 11 members, but we are expecting more students to join because some of us are members of another clubs as well, so we kind of juggle our club activities!

Btw as a Student Ambassador who is specialized on art and design I was asked to help Admissions office to design a booth for the Local Business Expo on campus, and we won an award! 😀 I feel helpful and cool heheheh. Sometimes I do photography as well when I am asked!


Art School AGAIN! Have you ever felt like one particular school is where you must be, but you got rejected first time you applied? If yes, so I feel ya! My mystery school is Cooper Union. I could not get in last year, but I am still attracted to that art school. So I decided to reapply for my BFA after my OPT is over.  However, the worst part is they have seen all my stuff, so now I gotta prepare a better and new portfolio… hahah how ironic! I can’t give up in the middle of my dream! I think it would be very inappropriate ending for everything that I have accomplished! I learned that life is a series of experiments and my reactions to those results. So I am learning to let go the failures and try again! Why NOT ? I am alive, I am healthy, and I love learning! I thank Universe for everything I am given, and I will use it! I love my life! You should too 😛



Volunteering.. You know what happens when you say YES to everyone who asks for help ? You end up with a bunch of promises that needs to be fulfilled.. yes, the story of my life! I love volunteering because I feel that’s how I can say my Thank You! for Universe’s gifts to me, but I think I am doing a little bit in an exaggerated mode or something! I end up spending more time on volunteering around than dealing with my own life, work, and study. Not If I am complaining, but I think I shall learn prioritizing things, so I don’t end up studying late nights when I am supposed to recharge my life batteries.

For today I think It’s enough said. I got lots of studying for Web Design to do, 3 chapters for Advertising class to study, and art blog revision to do, 2 cover letters to write, Sketches to make and life to live 😀


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it was enjoyable and helpful somewhat. Till next time!

Keep smiling,


Written by

Welcome to my blog! I am Gülnar, an international student from Azerbaijan Republic. I am currently studying at SUNY Ulster where I obtained my A.A. in Fine Arts degree during the Fall 2011. Right now I am working on my A.S. in Advertising Design and Graphic Technologies degree. I plan to obtain my BFA and MFA. In fact I am a graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages ( BA in American Studies), but at some point in my life everything has changed, and my career path as well. I am an artist/graphic designer/photographer. I live in upstate NY with my American family for the duration of my studies. I have many "likes & dislikes", so I am not going to count up all that in here :D, read my blog and you will see. I’ve chosen to keep this blog as I enjoy writing (yes, even in ENGLISH) besides art and sharing my observation & experience. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do while writing it. Thank You!

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