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Study in North Dakota
Capital - Bismarck
Largest City - Fargo
Population - 646,844
Timezone - Central Time

Study in North Dakota

Are you ready to wander off the beaten path into the unexplored Great Plains? Venture vast green lands, undiscovered hills and never-ending plains by studying in North Dakota. Tap into your wild side with all the exciting adventures that study in North Dakota has to offer. Or, take in the serenity of these uncharted lands and rediscover yourself. Whatever path you choose, studying in North Dakota is bound to be an adventure. Get a taste of American life in the great northern United States.

North Dakota's genuine charm lies beyond what the eyes can see, making the state truly a diamond in the rough. It is a relatively large state and with a population of only about 673,000 people, so there is more than enough room to wander. Bordering Canada to the north, South Dakota to the south, Minnesota to the east and Montana to the west, North Dakotans can easily travel in and out of the state. The capital, Bismarck, is located in the south of the state, even though most people live in the eastern half in Fargo, Minot, and Grand Forks. More North Dakotans have been moving from rural to urban areas, however the state's economy is still based on agriculture, machinery and mining.


Home to Native Americans for thousands of years prior to colonization, North Dakota is a significant state for many Indian tribes. At least seven different tribes inhabited the area, speaking countless dialects, observing unique customs, and living in many different areas. When the United States government took control of the state in the late 1800's, the Native Americans were placed in reservations. Many tribal members remain on these reservations to this today. The strong Native American culture has greatly influenced the state. The state's rich history is still prevalent today, making it a unique and exciting place to explore for international students in North Dakota. The "Peace Garden State" prides itself in cherishing and respecting its Native American residents. It's no wonder then that "Dakota" is the Sioux Indian word for friend.

If you've got a passion for nature and adventure, look no further. North Dakota will satisfy your every thrill. Locals and tourists love the North Dakota fresh air, hot or cold. Warm, humid summers make temperatures reach into the high 80's (Fahrenheit), while North Dakotan winters are characterized by below freezing temperatures and an abundance of snowfall. Locals regularly fish and hunt, especially in the warmer months, as ice fishing and snowmobiling are more popular during winter months. Tourists enjoy many outdoor activities such as wagon train rides, mountain biking, and world-class fishing.

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There are hundreds of international students in North Dakota, who choose the state not only for its fascinating history and beautiful countryside, but also for its strong university system. There are eleven public universities and colleges, and a few small private and tribal colleges. The largest public institutions are North Dakota StateUniversity (NDSU), located in Fargo, and the University of North Dakota (UND), located in Grand Forks. International students in North Dakota should look into the various scholarships offered to minimize tuition costs. The Academic & Cultural Sharing Scholarship offers international undergraduate students the ability to pay only half of the non-resident tuition rate, which saves students thousands of dollars.


North Dakota's economy is the most successful of all of the states in the U.S. The state holds the distinction of being the first state to recover from the country's recent economic recession. It also has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country. This triumph is the result of a recent boom in the oil industry. North Dakota's economy has always been based on agriculture; the state has about 90% of its land area in farms. It produces a large portion of the nation's cereal grains, corn, oilseeds and beans. However, in recent years, the technology and service industries have also greatly contributed to a thriving economy.

With its beautiful hills and prairies, rich Native American history, and prosperous economy, North Dakota could just be your next home. Study in North Dakota to see what it's really like to be a real "North" American.

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