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Congratulations Amar Chaniago and "My Second Chance at Life"

2021 Travel Video Contest - Winners

After many views and a very difficult decision, our judges were finally able to decide on the 2015 Travel Video Contest winners!

Although only three winners were able to be chosen from 14 outstanding finalists, based upon the talent and determination in each story, we know that the other 11 contestants will also fulfill their dream along with many other successes throughout life. We know that Eileen will find the discovery and invention she’s after, that Alexander will help others with his form of therapy while Vania shares and impacts others with her story of the cocoa nut worm, that Ha will bring back the color green not only in her hometown but around the world, that Murtaza will keep singing and bring more humanity, education, love and technology into his home country, that Maria will go far as she continues to rehearse her sonnets, that Jorge will spread hope, peace and love to those who need it most, that Rodrigo will continue to follow his writing dream, Dawa will help her home country develop economically while keeping the original culture alive, Katrina will continue to express herself through her animations, and that Juli will contribute to finding a more peaceful and balanced world.

$4,000 Grand Prize Winner: “My Second Chance at Life” by Amar Chaniago

After losing a friend, and almost losing his own life, Amar was awakened to the importance of life. Amar started to save money and travel around the world- see where his true passion will take him next.

$500 Second Place Winner: “Place Yourself Where You Want To Be” by Michelle Leclercq

Michelle has set out to not only to seek happiness but to inspire others through her music. Watch where her journey has taken her so far and where she will place herself next!

$250 Third Place Winner: “The Missing Piece” by Léa Kriger-Bécourt

From France, to the United States and soon to be on her way to Mexico, Léa is ready to continue exploring the world and “get back to her roots” to find her last missing piece.

Thank you to each of our all of our finalists, your videos were more than entertaining, they were absolutely impressive. Thank you for entering our 10th Annual Travel Video Contest, each of your videos contributed to the success of the contest!

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2015 Video Contest Winners

Total 3 items.
My Second Chance at Life

My Second Chance at Life

I was an introvert and I had never been outside my country to travel the world. But everything changed after I learned from my experience when I was dying and lost my friend. I began to work and save my money to travel. I have been travelling around...

Place Yourself Where You Want To Be

Place Yourself Where You Want To Be

What does it take to be happy? My life experiences made me realise the potential people have when they really want something. We have one life, and my goal is to do something that will make me happy I want to inspire people, through music. This is my story

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Since I left France to study abroad, all I want is to discover different cultures to better understand our world. And I would like to visit people more than places. That's why my video illustrates through this puzzle my project to go on an adventure in Mexico! ...


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