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Congratulations to Dini Restyanti and “Finding My Ikigai”

2021 Travel Video Contest - Winners

Each year, for the past twelve years, the most difficult part of our Travel Video Contest is the week leading up to the day we announce the winner: judging week.

Our judges this year had 15 finalist videos to watch and narrow down to the top three winners. Each video unraveled a story in their own unique way that was filled with past tribulations, current obstacles and future goals.

While only three entrants will receive a prize for their efforts in our contest, we know that each of our finalists will continue to find great success in their international education and careers. We also hope that each one will fulfill their passion- that Thomas will keep on inspiring through his poetry as he explores borders, Samuel will document his adventures around the globe with Kelly, Juan will get to see his family in Maryland and continue to overcome his homesick feelings, Oscar will make it to his workshop in New York and impress the theatre world beyond belief, Vahid and Amir will create a video game that we will all be playing one day, Anand will find his story along his journey, Kaleema will keep working hard and become fluent in all languages she pursues, Ukwa will keep making great films to share with the world, Kasey will get to experience all that France has to offer (and keep Mr.Wilcox updated along the way), Christian will continue to find and capture beauty in everyday life, and that Sarah will keep living the bean dream.

Although a difficult decision, we are very pleased to announce the 2017 Travel Video Contest Winners:

$4,000 Grand Prize Winner: “Finding My Ikigai” by Dini Restyanti

$500 Second Place Winner: “Drawing My Trip ” by Laura Catalina Rey

$250 Third Place Winner: “New York, New York, My American Dream” by Eliel Freer-Sullivan

Thank you to each of our finalists, we truly appreciate the time and hard work you dedicated to sharing your story with the world through our contest.

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2017 Video Contest Winners

Total 4 items.
Finding My Ikigai

Finding My Ikigai

I already graduated from Visual Communication degree, but not yet specifically animation. So, I'm looking for animation master program in Japan. Because Japan is the home of animation, and the master, Hayao Miyazaki is there. I also love the culture, the discipline and dedication of Japanese people. But to study...

Drawing My Trip

Drawing My Trip

I am Laura Catalina Rey Gallego and since I was little, I have always loved cinema, my childhood was spent around the Disney movies. As I grew up, I learned more about the cinema industry and I fell in love with this world, so at age of 16, I decided...

New York, New York, My American Dream

New York, New York, My American Dream

I was born & raised in Brazil, where I received my degree in Music Education. Now, however, I’m a junior at Georgia State University’s school of music, in Atlanta. NYC and Broadway is what drew me to this country over many other destinations, as I always dreamt to see my...

Making the US my new home

Making the US my new home

I left my friends, family and home country to start a journey that would change my life. I faced many challenges but the toughest one to overcome was feeling homesick. The US was going to be my home for the next few months and I needed to learn how to...


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