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Congratulations to Ayush Rai for “Jumping Borders”

2021 Travel Video Contest - Winners

Each year toward the end of November we are thrilled to celebrate International Education Week by naming our Travel Video Contest winners. This year, like years in the past, we had an over-abundance of talented and driven students all with the goal of studying and traveling outside their home country. Although we were not able to grant each of the 13 finalists a prize to take home, we want to extend a big congratulations to each for the achievements they’ve already seen, and those we know will continue to come.

Although a difficult task, our judges have conveyed their top picks and we’re pleased to announce the winners:

$4,000 Grand Prize Winner: “Jumping Borders” by Ayush Rai Ayush finally found his love of visual effects but continues to challenge himself and keep learning. Best of luck to Ayush as he continues to break through boundaries during his graduate studies in Canada.

$500 Second Place Winner: “Love Conquers All” by Sebastian Carrillo

$250 Third Place Winner: “Time to Zen Down” by Anna Singatulina

$1,000 Viewers’ Choice Winner: “Every Corner of the World Will be my Home” by Sofía Celine Noriega Ramos

$500 GoAbroad Choice Winner: “The Journey to Self” by Tatiana Soskina

Thank you again to all our entrants and finalists this year. We look forward to receiving your entries next year and hope you'll encourage other students to enter as well!

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2019 Video Contest Winners

Total 5 items.
Jumping Borders

Jumping Borders

I'm not a gymnastics student but I can jump the biggest. My name is Ayush Rai, I'm a Visual effects student in Pune, India and I want to jump borders to explore every possible output in my field and to challenge and innovate this industry. I'm proposing to study in...

Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

I am already studying outside my country. So does my wife. This video is about the two of us who dream about having our first trip together out of the American continent.

Time to Zen Down

Time to Zen Down

I dream to take a trip to Japan before I finish my Masters program in Austria. My place of residence is Germany. My place of birth is Russia. In this video I tell my story about coming to Germany as a foreigner and creating the best life possible! I achieved...

"Every Corner of the World Will be my Home"

"Every Corner of the World Will be my Home"

Being an immigrant made me realized I want to visit other places of the world and at the same time learn about culture, such as new languages, customs, make new friends, gain a more diverse and global perspective of the current world debates. As well as going through the learning...

The Journey to Self

The Journey to Self

From love to hate to regaining of self. The video describes how I rediscovered my passion for art and dance after learning about Korean pop culture. I would love to enroll in a Korean language course at a Korean university and combine it with taking dance classes in Seoul. I...


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