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International Student
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Let's Make a Movie!

2013 International Student Travel Video Contest Entry
Let's Make a Movie! from International Student on Vimeo.

Let's Make a Movie!

  • Aleksandra Ola Pojda
  • 2013
  • 3:53

I would like to go to Poland for two to three weeks. My goal is to make a professional documentary with a theme of community, life, and hope. Polish culture is almost an opposite of what can be seen in Silicon Valley, where I live at the moment. I think that it would be great to go to a small town, where I used to live and interview people - teachers, parents, kids, grocery clerks and hear their perspective on certain things.

The script is in a writing process but it's main idea is to empower people and show them how little it takes in life to be happy. I have been working on amateur video projects before, but this would be my first big time shooting. As a filmmaker I dislike to waste money and energy on things that don't really contribute to making this place a better, more aware world. Therefor I am planning to put a lot of thought and pre-production before starting the project. I believe in it. I believe that it can change people's lives. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. We all are meant to live happy and love one another, care for families and take time to listen. I would like people to see that through my first documentary, so that when they are alone watching it, they go on with life with a new perspective.

The video about my trip presents me struggling to be understood and working to find a place of belonging. I overcame a lot of struggles and hardships in life and got to a point where I understand my identity and do not need either place or people to define me. From a small town to big city, I traveled a lot and now want to capture some of what I used to know and take for granted Winning this contest would allow me to purchase equipment for recording and travel arrangements.

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