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International Student
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I Just Took A DNA Test...

2019 International Student Travel Video Contest Entry
I Just Took A DNA Test... from International Student on Vimeo.

I Just Took A DNA Test...

  • Duy Le
  • 2019
  • 0:00

Growing up being bullied for simply being who you truly are is detrimental, if not the worst, for the growth of a kid. It shows you a hundred and one reasons why you should hate yourself; it spatters on your body with the stain of a thousand mean words; and ultimately, it shatters you from the inside. I had had to put up with all of those things for so many years in my life that I slowly learned to keep myself inside an invisible bubble.However, everything magically changed when I first came to America a year ago - I was inspired to come out of my bubble and to be truthful to myself. Thus, on my 18th birthday, I decided to make a decision that would probably change my life forever. This video is my way of sealing the last chapter of learning to love myself, which is actually embracing and loving myself. This is where I draw the line and tell the world enough is enough. Some may call my identity a choice, but I call it God’s plan; others may call it a sin, but I call it a blessing.

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