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International Student
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Step Out Of The Race

2020 International Student Travel Video Contest Entry
Step Out Of The Race from International Student on Vimeo.

Step Out Of The Race

  • Shubh Patni
  • 2020
  • 2:00

During hard times, we often lose our purpose in life. The plan we had laid out so well doesn't seem to work, unprecedented circumstances happen to us all the time. At these times, it is easier to forget our dreams, our path, and follow others. It is easier to be guided than guide ourselves. It is easier to follow the journey of others, than to live ours. But all the great things happen when you do something different, something unique, something which is not acceptable in The Race. The Race which is created by our society, our friends, and our family. The Race that is so-called made to make our lives happier and fruitful, but often leads to distress and remorse. The Race is a laid out plan (school-> college -> job), a path tested and traveled by many, a path perfect for a pandemic, and for those who are willing to kill their dreams.This video is for those who are willing to 'step out of the race', no matter what the situation is, and follow their passions. - Shubh Patni, India

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